Monday, November 2, 2015

Time Flies When You Forget to Post

Who's got two thumbs and forgot to weigh-in last week? It's been a crazy one, with Halloween activities for the little one going on for a full week. (Remember when holidays used to be one day out of the year, and somehow they keep growing until they are week-long events or even entire seasons? It's almost as if companies who financially profit from holiday-frenzy are pushing consumers to think and spend more on each one so we're always focused on purchasing something or else be shunned by polite society. Sorry, I digress.) I am very proud to say that I managed to avoid all of the delicious, mass-produced sugary goodness from the various candy buckets and bags. Even while playing D&D yesterday I was the one who passed on the Halloween candy (it was carrots, hummus, and pita chips instead). I have, however, allowed myself the occasional treat of my liquid apple pie because we have to have some vice in our life.

Anyway, two weeks late I've got good news!

271.2 lb.
Weekly x 2 Loss: 2.4 lb.
Total Loss Since 8/17/2015: 22.0 lb.


I got over the 20 lb. milestone! And I managed to still show a decent 1.2 lb. average loss per week (since I didn't actually weigh in last time). If I can do just slightly better this week I'll make it down into the 260s and I'll be one happy camper. My once-tight jeans seem very loose and I need a new belt. I wear this stretchy-material one and I've pretty much mangled it and now my pants are falling down no matter how tightly I try to cinch it up. My size 2XL shirts are looking looser on me and I'm not too far from being able to wear my old XL shirts without looking like a pudgy adult trying on little kids' clothes.

Halloween --> Thanksgiving --> Christmas --> New Year. Every month brings in traditional treat/feast days. I survived the first, but there are three to go, not to mention all the baking and treat-making I do this time of year. Help me stay strong, Internet. Willpower has never been my strong suit.

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