Monday, October 31, 2011

Progress In Pictures

If you want to see where I am on this long haul toward being healthy and feeling good about the way I look, here's some perspective.

At the beginning of 2004, I had not yet begun treatment for sleep apnea--and I ate all the time simply as a way to stay awake. Over the years I slowly crawled my way up to borderline morbid obesity. I seriously considered having my stomach stapled. I topped out at 327 pounds.

After I began treatment for my sleep disorder, I dropped about 30 pounds virtually overnight without even trying -- just because I didn't need to eat all the time simply to stay awake. But bad habits -- snacking, nightly dessert, drinking Cokes all the time, low activity, etc. -- caused my body to settle at about 295 lb. and stay there for years. This is what I looked like all the way until early 2011:

I decided at the end of 2010 that I was going to make some changes, and that this was the year I would get a lot healthier. I wanted to look in the mirror and not hate what I see. I wanted to feel better, be more active, and have more fun. The first change I made was to give up soda. The only time I allow myself a Coke is once in a while when I'm watching a movie and eating popcorn. (I believe in treats, definitely!) I drink water, and get my caffeine fix through coffee and tea. On March 1st I began a diet on Weight Watchers, and since then have dropped it but used the habits, food, and portions I learned to keep me on the right road.

The following pictures were taken with my webcam, in my office, this morning. As of this morning I'm at 255 pounds.

Got more ground to cover. I'm not done, and even after gaining a little back in the last few weeks, I'm gonna keep working at it. If I'm not healthy, I won't be around to do all the things on my list ...

Week B7: WTH?!

Ugh!! Some of you know that the last few weeks have had two conventions and ridiculous amounts of stress -- including stuff related to my ex, money worries, and the death of our family dog of almost ten years. I let myself fall into the trap of stress-eating, fueled by the generosity of friends and family who've treated me to big meals. Add in a few special occasions that included tasty dessert and (un)healthy amounts of drinking, and, well ...

255.0 lb.
Weight GAINED since last weigh-in: 8.6 lb.
Total Net Weight Loss Since March 1st: 38. 6 lb.

OUCH. Holy crap what three weeks can do to a guy. Well I'm back, thinking about what I'm doing, and focusing. Hopefully I'll be able to shed most of the short-term gain right away. I can't let myself slide in the wrong direction.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week B4: Blazing Ahead!

I'm in a hurry this morning, so I'll just cut to the chase. I'm at my lowest weight in more than thirteen years! I've done GREAT this week.

Weekly Loss: 4.4 lb.
Total Net Loss: 47.2 lb.

I'm within spitting distance of the 50 lb. milestone ... and to say that's exciting is an understatement!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week B3: Almost Caught Up With Myself

This is my third week back on the ol' diet after falling off the wagon for a while. I managed to lose over a pound and a half, and I'm less than two pounds from reaching the lowest point I was before I started to let myself go. I want to keep the momentum I've built up and get down toward my goal.

250.8 lb.
Weekly Loss: 1.6 lb.
Total Net Loss: 42.8 lb.

My goal, by the way, is just as much psychological as anything else. Back in 2004, before I started treatment for sleep apnea, I had reached a huge 327 lb. and was considered morbidly obese. I want to get down to 225 lb. so can honestly say that I'm over a hundred pounds lighter than my heaviest weight. I will feel like I've really achieved something at that point!

Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement and support!