Monday, August 31, 2015

Back on the Wagon

... and I'm back. With the bad news/good news thing. In just over a year I let stress and excuses knock me off the health wagon and my weight shot up as a result. I kept procrastinating focusing on a healthier lifestyle after the next trip, after school starts, after whatever I could think of to keep me from dealing with it.

Looking back to May of last year it's sad to realize just how much weight I put back on, getting me back to Square One when it comes to a healthier weight. But a trip to the doctor put the smack-down on me and I am now official re-lighting Health beacon, and just like before I'll be tracking my progress out in the open—support from my friends and loved ones makes all the difference for me.

I didn't do an official weigh-in last week, but I did two weeks ago, which will be my starting point:

August 17th:
293.2 lb.


Yep, that's bad. But I've lost this before and I will do it again and not hit a stopping point—just a point where I'm ready to maintain a healthy lifestyle and understand that some bad habits just need to be gone for good. I don't want to get Type 2 diabetes. I don't want my back to get so bad that I need surgery. I want to be healthy and have the energy for the new baby on the way. I want to look in the mirror and not be disgusted with what I see.

So here we go. Week One of Year One of the New Era, and my results from my doctor-recommended methods of healthier living:

290.0 lb.
Weekly Loss: 3.2 lb.
Total Loss Since 8/17/2015: 3.2 lb.

283.2 lb. is the first celebratory milestone — the first ten pounds of lard dropped! And it's not that far away and I know it's very achievable. Historically the first 10-15 lb. come off very easily once I make it a priority, and then things get trickier.

I'm beginning with diet only, working in increased activity, then work my way to structured exercise and eventually some weight training.

Wish me luck. Here I go!