Monday, June 27, 2011

Week Eighteen: Damn You Jeni, Whoever You Are

I was at the Origins Game Fair this week and the combination of free Breakfast Buffet, the North Market, the Big Bar on 2, and Jeni's Ice Cream (ohmygod Bourbon Butter Pecan is soooo good!) and I managed to gain a pound. D'oh! I'll do better now that I'm home ... promise!

258.0 lb.
Weekly GAIN: 0.8 lb.
Total Net Loss: 35.6 lb.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Week Seventeen: Week of Fail

Well ... dammit. Bad habits picked up on the road along with some eating out and indulging in some less-than-healthy snacking at home as led to this. I stepped on the scale this morning:

Weekly GAIN (!!!): 2.2 lb.
Total Net Loss: 36.4 lb.

Poop. Well, I've reaped what I've sewn. There is no mystery as to why this happened, but I know what to do in order to fix it. Tricky part is that I'm leaving town again in the morning so I need to be on better behavior while in Ohio this week. I want to have better news next week. I'll definitely be walking more and will journal my food carefully.

Feel free to chastise me. Bad Jamie!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Week Sixteen: Back in the Saddle

Stress, stress, travel, stress!!!

The last month has been "interesting" in the Chinese sense. I've traveled all over the country, worked odd hours, attended a family wedding, and have otherwise neglected my diet. I didn't pig out or do anything too terrible—with the odd big meal or indulgence here or there. When I dared to step on the scale again almost a week ago I had found myself dead even with my last "official" weigh-in at Week Thirteen. So I spent the last week being more careful about my eating habits and I've hit another official Monday-morning weigh-in. Didn't take long to lose! Here is my current weight:

255.0 lb.
Loss Since Week Thirteen: 3.6 lb.
Total Net Loss: 38.6 lb.

It's crazy to realize that I have lost nearly forty pounds since the end of February. This week I return to food journaling and thinking more carefully about what I'm eating. Will also be taking the pooch for some walks and doing some lovely yardwork to sweat away some more!