Monday, April 25, 2011

Week Nine: Easter Basket Temptation

Don't worry, I only permitted myself one Cadbury Creme Egg. I did indulge slightly in the family meal but nothing compared to the old days. Regardless, the weight loss trend continues! As of this morning I weighed in at ...

266.4 lb.
Weekly Loss: 2.8 lb.
Net Total: 27.2 lb.

Getting over the 25 lb. mark is really exciting! I'm hoping that in a few more weeks I can be down into the 250s. We're going to be moving over the next few weeks, and once settled in I'm going to join the gym and build up a workout routine. For the meantime I think I'm going to start taking my dog for a more brisk walk every day around the neighborhood.

Thanks all! See you next Monday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Midweek Update

As of this morning I'm over twenty-five pounds down from where I began. Can you see the difference?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week Eight: Shedding the Pounds

I was so frantically busy over the last week I lost track of several days worth of Weight Watchers points. I still stuck to my lighter portions and healthier selections (yesterday's ice cream was the exception!)--but I still weighed in this morning and was pleasantly surprised!

269.2 lb.
Weekly Loss: 3.4 lb.
Total: 24.4 lb.

Less than another pound down and I will have lost twenty-five pounds! I am well over a month ahead of my 2 lb. per month plan. I'll snap some pictures later today so you can see the difference. Thanks all!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week Seven: ... And Then Some

The kids' spring break is over and it's going to be back to the school-day routine. I did my weekly weigh-in this morning, and I'm happy to report that I not only have weight loss this week, but I made up for last week when I didn't lose anything at all.

The scale had this to say:

272.6 lb.
Weekly Loss: 4.6 lb.
Total: 21.0 lb.

That's right, folks. I've officially hit my initial goal of losing TWENTY POUNDS (and then some). I'm really excited! Thanks for all your support and encouragement.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Week Six: Flatline

Hmm ... A days ago my unofficial weigh-in had put me down to 275 lb., but as of this morning the scale tells me that I'm ...

277.2 lb.

... which I'm sorry to say is exactly the same as last week. I stayed mostly on-track, diet-wise, this week. I only splurged once and stayed within my usual WW guidelines. But I'm not too discouraged. For one thing, I've been doing a LOT of physical work this week, including a bunch of heavy lifting and dragging. The sore feeling in various muscles tells me that this could be muscle weight.

Either way, I'm going to push on and try to get down to 275 lb. by this time next week! Hopefully this won't be a difficult plateau.