Monday, March 28, 2011

Week Five: Still Going ...

It's been a crazy week filled with lots of stress and I didn't always track things and eat quite as well as I should, but I still followed the basic tenants of my diet and I was doing lots of cleaning and moving furniture -- so a bit of an exercise boost helped me out, I believe.

As of this morning, butt-naked on my bathroom scale, I've reached ...

277.2 lb.
Weekly Loss: 3 lb.
Total Net Loss: 16.4 lb.

Not too shabby! I'm going to watch and log my food this week and work in a bit more exercise. Soon I will be adding a gym membership and structured exercise into my bid to get healthy and look better!

Thanks, as always, to my friends, family, and loved ones for their support.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week Four: Return from Sin City

I confess that I was a little bit worried about how my week-long trip to Vegas would affect my diet. Not only is it a town known for its sinful buffets (and I indulged in two of them, at the Cosmopolitan and The Paris) but I knew I'd be having cocktails each and every day with my friends in the Diamond Lounge. And we all know that alcohol is pretty much a great source of nutrition-free calories, not to mention potential for a wicked hangover.

To counteract, I conserved both my food and calorie budget when I wasn't indulging. I had small, sensible breakfast most days and either had a light lunch or dinner when the other was heavier. My first morning back, and exactly one week after my last weigh-in, I find myself here:

280.2 lb.
Net Loss: 13.4 lb.

So that's almost three pounds down even while out in Sin City. Not bad! I should be able to keep up the pace now that I'm back in Georgia, and hope that my next weigh-in will see me down in the 270s, a weight I haven't manage to lose down to in several years. Then I hope to bust down into the 260s, where I've never managed to get down to since I gained all the weight in the first place.

Thanks for your support, everyone! See you next week.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week Three: A Day Early and 10.6 lb. Short

I'm flying out to Las Vegas tonight for the GAMA Trade Show. (I currently serve as Vice President on the GAMA Board of Directors.) So I'm logging my weekly weigh-in a day early. I've been watching my points and logging everything I eat, even budgeting things in so I can still go out for drinks and stay on track. Weight Watchers Online is the perfect plan for a gamer-geek like myself; if you get the right amount of points you "win" (i.e. lose the lard).

So far, so great! Here's where I am one day shy of two weeks:

283.0 lb.
Net Loss: 10.6 lb.

I'll be watching what I'm doing while out in Sin City, because I don't want to lose any of the ground I've gained. Thanks everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week Two: Wherein our hero has a rocky but successful start.

This first week was all about managing the food, which was easy on some days and more difficult on others. I had a special occasion dinner that I totally splurged on, but tried to make up for it. (The day after I had an awesome buffet and I chose a tofu stir-fry and salad with water for lunch.) And I went out for drinks twice during the week which is a great way to get empty calories, so I have to factor all that in.

But, despite a few hiccups, I have managed to lose some weight! Here are this morning's results.

288.8 lb.
Net Loss: 4.8 lb.

Not a bad start if I do say so myself! Next weigh-in will come a day early (Sunday) since that evening I'll be hopping on a plane for Las Vegas. How will I fare in Sin City?!