Monday, March 31, 2014

Back At It!

Yes, it's been awhile. In 2013 I really let things go for a good long while in regards to my health/fitness goals. Major changes happened in my life, including and especially moving my fiancée down from Ohio and merging our families into one huge Brady Bunch. Nikki is so sweet and loves me regardless of my size, it was easy to let old bad habits creep their way in.

By the holidays I had reached about 295 lb. I was almost back where I had started years ago.

I was not okay with this, so I decided to form a plan for the coming year. I would start with small changes at the beginning of the year and ramp things up one stage at a time. I stopped drinking sugary stuff and switched back to water, coffee, and tea. I limited desserts and snacks. By my birthday (1/25) I had dropped five pounds, which was at least a start.

Now I'm back to more seriously watching my intake with a goal to lose at least a few pounds a week. And so far, so good!

Weekly Weigh-In: 279.0 lb.

Yes, I've lost 16 lb. since Christmas and 11 since my birthday! I had vowed long ago not to ever again let my weight creep over 300 lb. (Anyone who knew me or had seen pictures of me before I started sleep apnea treatment 10 years ago knows I topped out at 323 lb.) My short-term goal is to get back to where I was in 2012—my healthiest weight in more than a decade—and then keep going.

Next Step: Increase activity level by regular walking along with diving into more physically demanding spring chores. We're planning to open our pool this year, which means this summer I'll be able to swim laps every day. I'd also like to join the gym and start weight training to tone myself up and get in better shape.

Nikki isn't asking this of me, but for my own health and self-image I want to accomplish these goals this year. I'm going to go back to recording my progress here once a week both as a personal journal and for those who would like to cheer me on.

Look for a leaner, healthier Jamie this summer out on the road!