Monday, October 12, 2015

So Close to 20!

Working off a few pounds is good and important and all that ... but when you can honestly declare "I've lost twenty pounds" that you feel like you've really accomplished something. Twenty pounds makes a difference in how you feel and look. And I'm soooo close, you guys. In fact, I would probably have made it but I indulged this weekend with some mini-anniversary celebrating with my lady-love. A cocktail, Cajun dinner, and even dessert! No regrets. I still made progress for the week!

275.0 lb.
Weekly Loss: 1.4 lb.
Total Loss Since 8/17/2015: 18.2 lb.

This does represent the least amount of weekly weight lost, but once again: crawfish bread and pumpkin bread pudding. SO GOOD. But I'm going to try and do better this week. I want to be able to announce I hit the 20 lb. milestone!

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